New Centropezn Quartet

New Centropezn Quartet

New Centropezn Jazz Quartet is a group of jazz artists from Rostov on Don which gained fame in Russia as well as internationally due to its artistic and teaching activities. Four brilliant musicians met each other more than 25 years ago and united in a process of musical self-expression and realisation of common ideas. Over time the Quartet became one of the key figures in the Russian jazz community and is nowadays one of the most successful jazz ensembles in Southern Russia. The most significant characteristics of the quartet are their unpredictable mix of ideas, perfectly synchronized playing and fantastic energy.


In the course of the years the New Centropezn Quartet released five albums containing own compositions of the band members and performed an enormous amount of concerts in Russia and abroad. The quartet stays in touch with some worldwide known jazz musician such as Jerry Bergonzi, Dennis Rowland, Alex Sipiagin, JD Walter and many more.


However, the quartet's most impressive achievement is the foundation of a Children Jazz School named after Kim Nazaretov in 1995. There are no such kind of educational jazz institutions for children in the world currently. Owing to its unique educational program developed by the New Centropezn Quartet, children achieve phenomenal results. Starting the comprehensive musical education at the age of 5-6 years (and some even at 3), the pupils are able to reach the level of professional musicians by the age of 16-17.


One of the best groups of the Jazz school is the Children Big Band led by Andrey Machnev. The Big Band has regular tours around the world and receives high honours from the audience and professional musicians as well. The Big Band won numerous prizes in major international competitions and became a kind of a flagship of the music school.


In the year 2001, the Children Jazz School was reorganised in Centre of Jazz Education and Performance named after Kim Nazaretov. In addition to a fusion with the municipal Kim Nazaretov's Jazz Orchestra, the Centre provided a secondary 3-year-educational program for those who intend a professional musician career. Moreover, the Centre began to organize an annual Jazz festival "Rostov Jazz invites" since 2004, an international master-class "Rostov invites New York" and a unique international project "East-West European Jazz Orchestra". These and many other accomplishments enabled Kim Nazaretov's Centre to become one of the biggest jazz centres in Russia.


The Association's general director and its main ideologist is a pianist and composer Aram Rustamyants. Since the foundation of the New Centropezn Quartet, Rustamyants remains the leading idea source and brings the power and guarantee for projects to be realized. Thanks to his conviction and persistency, Aram has made an enormous contribution to the development of jazz education and creation of an infrastructural system for jazz musicians in Rostov on Don. Moreover, the amount of listeners of jazz music in Rostov on Don has increased tremendously and the Jazz Center has become famous far out of the town and the country.


In 2014 Aram Rustamyants developed some plans on further expansion of the Jazz Centre. After only one year, Rustamyants and his colleagues were able to found the very first jazz club in Rostov on Don : the "New Centropezn Jazz Club (N.C. Jazz Club)". Moreover, during that time, Rustamyants also came up with an idea of an international concert agency and a record label. In cooperation with the saxophonist Evgeny Ring, Rustamyants brought to life the „New Centropezn Agency“ (N.C. Agency) in 2016, located in Rostov on Don / Russia and Cologne / Germany.