About us

N.C. Agency presents the projects of the young jazz musicians related to the Jazz Centre in Rostov on Don. Our story goes back to New Centropezn Jazz Quartet is a group of jazz artists from Rostov on Don which gained fame in Russia as well as internationally due to its artistic and teaching activities. Four brilliant musicians met each other more than 25 years ago and united in a process of musical self-expression and realisation of common ideas. Over time the Quartet became one of the key figures in the Russian jazz community and is nowadays one of the most successful jazz ensembles in Southern Russia. The most significant characteristics of the quartet are their unpredictable mix of ideas, perfectly synchronized playing and fantastic energy.


You can learn more about the quartet here.


At some point the Jazz Centre's general director and its main ideologist Aram Rustamyants came up with an idea of an international concert agency and a record label. In cooperation with the saxophonist Evgeny Ring, Rustamyants brought to life the „New Centropezn Agency“ (N.C. Agency) in 2016, located in Rostov on Don / Russia and Cologne / Germany.


N.C. Agency unites former graduates of the Children Jazz School who were able to properly integrate into the world jazz scene and gained great renown. Besides performances as sidemen, the musicians realize their own projects and made make numerous recordings during the last years. They got their musical degrees in different universities all over the world: Berlin and New York, Amsterdam and Groningen, Cologne und Leipzig, Denver and Lisbon. Alina Engibaryan (Montreux Jazz Voice Competition), Liya Grigoryan (Keep an Eye Jazz Award, Getxo Jazz Competition), Evgeny Ring (Leipzig Jazz Preis, Burghausen Jazz competition) and many others frequently participate at renowned Jazz Festivals and perform at many famous jazz clubs. Their activities are followed with great interest within the audience and positive feedback on the part from the press and various music critics.


The agency focuses on management and concert organisations, complemented by music publishing. By uniting all like-minded musicians in an organisation, we provide full support for young jazz artists and help them climb up the ladder in the jazz music business.